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Our Relax is born with the heart in Venice, projected towards the world, sure that people make the difference. So it is. We work focused on the functionality of the product, listening to the feedback from those in contact with our customers and investing in the innovation capacity of the Research & Development office, committed to finding solutions that are easy to live, assemble and clean.

Relax from 2003
It was 2003 when Dimitri Camolese and Adelino Conte met and founded Relax kicking off a long history. The commitment of the two entrepreneurs, together with the professional young staff, made this young company successful from the very beginning. Over time Relax has consolidated its position on the market of shower enclosures and its Research & Development Department has always been designing new and specific solutions for high-tech shower enclosures.

A close contact with the territory
Relax was set up near Venice, the county seat of Veneto, an example of perfect co-existence of art, culture and environment which inspires our company with its traditions of masterfully-manufactured unique products. A city with a thousand faces which continues to inspire us. The love of this city for water, its ability to fit into modern times and its eternal beauty are part of the values that Relax shares in its company spirit.

All the figures of a success not only in Italy
The ever-increasing turnover has made Relax become a certainty in the Italian industrial landscape. Yet, besides figures, there are people: 35 professionals are the actual protagonists of its success. A long-lasting success which grows in the territory, because Relax is present not only in the national territory, but has managed to make its way into international markets. Its products are always the best of what the market offers and they solve both simple everyday problems and more complex ones.

The strength of TUV Sud certification
It was back in 2014 that Relax received prestigious recognition which is also official confirmation of the quality of its products: the certification TUV Sud. A prize for the skilled people working at Relax, for the state-of-the-art design and development of new products, for the efficient production systems, for its accurate control of the goods, for an unequalled customer service.

Technology for quality service
The two main components of a product by Relax are glass and aluminium and they embody its flexibility and resistance. However, these materials in their natural state are just a starting point, a first step towards the quality of the final product. There are other decisive steps and, to take them, its research department and its professionals are fundamental. In fact, for each shower enclosure it is necessary to choose the aluminium and the glass which can guarantee the best performance. Relax develops specific technologies to transform the materials by constantly controlling all production processes. The shower enclosure is checked and undergoes all sorts of test. The Quality control guarantees the total Quality of Relax products.

We work every day to guarantee a sustainable development of our company. We use materials like glass and aluminium which are 100% recyclable, as well cardboard, another recyclable material, for the packaging of our products. In 2021 we decided to print our new catalogue using paper made in Europe, certified and from a controlled sustainable supply chain. At the same time, the printing technology H-UV used on the cover does not employ any paint which is harmful to the environment.

The total service
Relax offers a large and absolutely complete range of products which can meet all consumer needs. The richer and varied the range of the shower enclosures is, the more powerful the organisation that manages them must be. The deliveries are fast and punctual. The sales force and the service centres provide a wide and complete.

What is the style of the bathroom that best suits you and your needs? Sometimes it’s not easy to answer. Discover it by looking at some examples of bathroom furnished with Relax products, versatile, easy to insert in different contexts, made according to high quality standard and with the care of the best Made in Italy.

Products Bathroom environments
Box doccia di stile contemporaneo con profili neri, in nicchia
Contemporary style
A contemporary style bathroom enhances the spaces, blends with harmony and elegance refined shapes and practical furnishings, designed for their functionality.

Rustic style
Lines, shapes, furniture that recall a natural world, made of cozy atmospheres and warm colours. The refined rustic bathroom is always in fashion.

Box doccia in bagno in stile rustico, in nicchia, con profili minimal
bobox a cabina doccia moderna walk-in
Modern style
Suitable for any situation, the modern style bathroom knows how to charm with its delicate tones and an clever disposition of the elements.

Beach house style
The bathroom for the beach house speaks about beauty and conviviality, it transforms the natural light that colours the spaces until to make them alive into protagonist. Even in the city.

box doccia bagno casa al mare con ante scorrevoli
area benessere con box doccia con funzione di bagno turco in nicchia
Wellness house
A wellness bathroom to create a space dedicated to the culture of the body and feel good, both in the domestic and public.

Mansard style
A mansard style bathroom, with slopping ceilings, often with exposed wooden beams and tailor-made solutions. Relax also enhances these rooms.

Shower enclosures
Bath screen
Shower trays and walls
Bobox Steam Smart Byblos Cupro Wall Petrarca Lyra Stone Saia Kubik Light Flat Raso Calamo Cover Evox Lago AxiaInfinito Puro Oblique Slim Luxor Unico Joy Easy

Bathroom environments
Contemporary style
Rustic style
Modern style
Beach house style
Wellness area style
Mansard style

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