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Our history goes back with time in 1986, Sara Food held the decision and promoted the vision of Mr. Amin Dakdouk the founder. Mr. Amin believed that there is a need to bring more quality and quantity to the food and beverage industry. His vision of expansion and growth made Sara Food prolong-ate towards prevalent communities around the world to serve and satisfy larger populations with more competition in processing, supplying, and developing food and beverages. On the other hand Mr. Amin Dakdouk powered Sara Food with the effort to share international market and benefit from globalization advantages.


Across the years, Sara Food growth has been significantly characterized with a high efficiency and qualifications for producing and increasing the manufacturing of a full product range to satisfy all consumers, whereby, we reached the ease of solving consumer problems by: earning money to get the requirements of life as well as offering a wide variety of products to choose, and satisfying consumer’s demands.

Brand overview
Sara Food products are reachable and known in several regions worldwide. Our portfolio covers almost every food and beverage category – giving consumers wide variety of good tasting and amiable food and beverages to enjoy at every occasion throughout life.

Sara Food products

Frozen beef, Chicken, buffalo, poultry & fish
Canned food canned meat, canned vegetables
Baby food NeoLac Cereals, box and Jar
Eggs white and brown Chicken eggs boxes with different sizes
Chocolate Fundelina Hazelnut and banana, Strawberry, vanilla


Make them feel it, it’s all about the taste
Sara Food main objective, is to find a way to express the organization’s impact on the lives of consumers, clients, students, patients — whomever Sara Food serve.

Our Vision
We do our best to create a greater choice of tasty, healthy, affordable and safe foods. At Sara Food, we believe that good food needs good science: Sara Food can help food and beverage industry to fulfill the needs of people around the world and at the same time contribute to the competitive strength within any worldwide market.

Our Mission
Since 1986, our whole business has been entitled for making a difference in the food and beverage industry, influencing the life of people that we serve, communities and environments in which we operate in. What follows is a small briefing of the ways that Sara Foods Company reflects and reinforces our beliefs. Companies should operate with a higher purpose:

Add to the food and beverage industry.
Gain and hold on trust.
Our future is your future our product is your product we work hard to gain your trust in Sara Food.

We feed the need


The reponse of Food role in what Sara Food achieves.
Our food is super delicious, well prepared, and highly appreciated to meet the need of all consumers and communities. Our food line is widely equipped with safety and healthy measures. It’s the right thing to do when it comes to the daily life need of people, the food styles of people are different and it is hard to meet all their needs. But officially as an international productive company we did our best to navigate toward every single market around the world, we support our studies by market analysis in these markets with a purpose to possess all what is needed about daily life standards and principles of each. In a way or another Consumers are getting full attention on Sara Food products because it helps them to support their style of living. We master food to fit with our and keep them in a proper good condition.


Our competitive advantages
As a company we ask ourselves this question what differs Sara Food from competitors. All what we can say is that every company has a vision, a mission statement to role in any market but Our main competitive advantages lay upon the priority of the consumer’s satisfaction and comfort with Sara Food products.


Unmatched product and brand portfolio.
Unmatched R&D capability with research and development.
Unmatched geographic presence.
Products that are close to People, culture, values and attitude.
Commitment to our people.
High recommendation Food safety.
Establishing an ambitious company strategy.


Our Marketing Strategies

What keeps us on expanding our growth aspects to reach all around world communities?
Our marketing department effectively puts the right mix of approaches to be handled on the edge of every market. Sara Food always takes into consideration the relationship between the community and its market. This relation is an important key element when planning a marketing strategy. In order for the marketing team of Sara Food to understand the customers’ needs, , studies and researches are followed up to gain the Trust and confidence of customers in Sara Food products.


Sara Food gets a deep understanding of customers
future consumers. All our studies and understanding of manufacturing new product are held and mainly dependent on understanding the consumer’s needs, action, and response to food– we follow the people who need to share our products that offer health, increased convenience, superior taste and, good quality. Sara Food product is recommended by consumers within several markets worldwide, this is the main reason that keeps us to continuously move forward and achieve new products to our beloved customers.

“Always innovate and grow in order to gain new market share”


Sara Food worldwide

Sara Food products keeps on traveling from region to region to satisfy the demands and needs of their regional consumers.


Our foundation is based on solid ground, with the effort and continuity we reached several regions worldwide. Our company respect its promises and its work in any market, in order to get preference of people for Sara Food product, to prove its worth and its market business identity in. Sara Food is found in several markets such as West Africa, North Africa, Middle East, Europe, Russia, Caucasus, West Asia, Gulf States, Asia and India…

Growth Drivers

Understanding future product investment areas and key growth regions.
Uncover key challenges and opportunities.
Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies.
Aligning our capabilities and business practices with our customers’ changing needs.
Secure strong relationships with customers by understanding their behavior within market.

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