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About the Company

Created in 2015 by the fusion of 6 sites of LDC and the acquisition of 5 other sites all based in Brittany, Société Bretonne de Volaille (SBV) has a major shareholder being LDC.

The LDC group, leader of french poultry in France, realised a turnover of 4,4 billion Euros and employs more than 22 700 people.

Our missions

Every day, we work to surpass imports to satisfy our local and national customers.


We sell our products across Europe and showcase our French expertise.

Brittany a poultry farming hub
Our three subsidiaries, with 12 sites, employ 4390 people within the LDC Group.
Our production sites are located near poultry farmers so that all stakeholders can benefit from an exchange of expertise.

“We are constantly creating and inventing across the entire production chain.”

Preserving Britanny
Sustainable development is a key concern for SBV.

We strive to reduce our environmental impact and recycle waste and water.

Our environmental charter bears witness to our efforts in this area.

Governance : who we are
Passionate entrepreneurs have passed the torch on to our site directors, who are both autonomous and committed and who rely on dedicated teams to achieve success.

Complementary : what sets us apart

Partners, employees, and livestock farmers join forces to tackle new challenges. Together they share a common goal and values in their quest for greatness every day.
SBV helps people grow
We are helping each employee at each level, to succeed in their missions and responsibilities.
We are permanently training our staff and improving their abilities.

Safety, a major priority
Our safety and security committees have implemented a risk evaluation system, especially with regard to priority action plan-related risks.

The effectiveness and continuity of actions taken are ensured by regular audits.

Mastering our subsidiaries
– Well-raised and well-fed animals.
– Strict health and hygiene rules that stand out internationally
– Cutting-edge technical and veterinary support
– Respect for animal welfare throughout the subsidiary (hatching, rearing, handling, transport, slaughter)
– Local circuits for all phases, from production to processing
– We ensure biosafety in all operations everyday, from rearing to slaughter by mastering the cleaning and disinfection of transport means and stringent effectiveness controls.

We guarantee the origin of poultry born, raised, slaughtered and processed in France by going over and beyond compliance with French standards.

Animal welfare

“Animal welfare is a key consideration in our industry, from hatching to slaughter.”

– Training and skilled personnel
Livestock farmers, live animal carriers and slaughterhouse employees in contact with the animals must have an officially-recognized individual professional certification and comply with all animal welfare rules and regulations following a series of training courses and tests.

– Controls, internal audits and third-party audits
Antibiotics are only used as a last resort (curative) and only to treat animals following a comprehensive veterinary check-up within a regulated framework.
Each treatment is justified, recorded and tracked in a register shared with the veterinarians.

We are a signatory of the French ministerial ECOANTIBIO 2 2021 plan

Our guarantees
We carry out chemical and bacteriological tests throughout the production process in our in-house laboratory and at certified laboratories in line with bacteriological and physical-chemical monitoring plans.
Risk control:

– HACCP approach
– Detection of foreign bodies
– Allergens
Food health and safety:

– Secure raw materials supply
– HACCP approach – Detection of foreign bodies – Allergen management
– Hygiene control
– Constant product quality
– Planning for regulatory changes

Customer-focused solutions
Our solutions
Our products include whole, cut, prepared, raw or cooked, fresh and frozen poultry.
We work with various poultry species.
With our R&D team of 21 individuals across all our sites,
​​​​​​​we are constantly innovating to bring you the best solutions and ensure high-quality poultry products.
Heavy broiler chickens
Farm-raised chickens
Ducks, Barbary ducks, Muscovy ducks
Our expertise
Raw products
Cooked products
Our clients
Image description
As the leading French supplier of intermediate poultry food products, we tailor our products to your specifications and industrial constraints.

We offer an array of species, cuts and flavours.

We offer products made to order, raw and cooked, fresh and frozen.

We supply some of the biggest names in the prepared food industry and can do the same for you.

Our products are renowned in all segments of the commercial catering industry:

Chain and independent fast food restaurants
Sit-down restaurants chains
Traditional restaurants
We work with numerous national distributors and wholesalers and distribute to cash-and-carry establishments to bring our offer to restaurateurs. Our expertise and reactivity allow us to supply major fast food brands.

We are extremely involved in this sector and can meet your needs for local or national calls for tender with portioned products of French origin to satisfy consumers in school cafeterias, corporate restaurants, hospitals and retirement homes.

We guarantee to provide you with healthy, high-quality products to ensure safe, nutritional food at the best price per portion.

Discover our brands
Hypermarkets & supermarkets
Our products are sold under our brand names in hypermarkets and supermarkets around France and Europe.

ID Halal
ID Halal : Pour les boucheries et points chauds Halal garantissant une traçabilité stricte.

Cocotte de Bretagne
Cocotte de Bretagne : Une marque de Volailles Fermières Label Rouge issues d’un mode d’élevage traditionnel apportant des garanties organoleptiques, garantissant le bien-être animal et la qualité produit.

Le Gaulois Professionnel
Le Gaulois Professionnel : Les volailles 100% françaises, gages de qualité et d’innovation.

Domaine de Lanvaux
Domaine de Lanvaux : La volaille gastronomique garantie origine France : découpes de canard, foie gras, élaborés crus et confits de volaille.

POULE et TOQUE : La marque dédiée aux professionnels de la restauration au quotidien

Nous sommes présents en grande distribution au travers de nos marques en France et en Europe :

Bretagne : Découvrez un élevage de poulets Label Rouge

Volailles de Légendes
Volailles de Légendes : la marque label rouge bretonne

Ker Chant
Ker Chant : la marque label rouge bretonne

Fermiers d’Argoat
Fermiers d’Argoat : la marque label rouge bretonne

Fermier de Bretagne
Fermier de Bretagne : la marque label rouge bretonne

France :

Ronsard : la marque de volaille du quotidien

Reghalal : Acteur majeur sur le marché Halal garantissant une traçabilité stricte contrôlée par la Mosquée d’Evry Courcouronnes avec une gamme transversale unique et 100% Origine France.

International :

Doux : Expert des produits de volaille pour le grand export

Prim’s : l’expert de la volaille surgelée et l’ambassadeur du savoir-faire français en Europe avec ses produits crus et cuits.

ID Halal
ID Halal : Pour les boucheries et points chauds Halal garantissant une traçabilité stricte.

Canard Passion
Canard Passion : la marque spécialiste du canard, propose des recettes variées et des découpes plus pratiques pour rendre le canard plus accessible.

Nous produisons également selon vos cahiers des charges pour vos marques distributeurs françaises et européennes en grande distribution traditionnelle, hard discount et freezer center.

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