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9 January 1946′ a historic date for Volys: on that day, the first order of “15 broilers for Maison Léonie Hogne in Mons” was recorded. The company was born.

75 years later, we are all proud to celebrate this ‘Diamond Jubilee’.
A heartfelt thank you to all customers and employees for making this historic milestone possible for Volys.

Also in the next 75 years, Volys will aim to do more than produce delicious products… We aim to play our part in creating a better and above all healthier society.

Nice and easy’ is not an empty slogan

At Volys we aim to do more than produce delicious products… We aim to play our part in creating a better and above all healthier society.

Most importantly we aim to make things ‘nice and easy’ for our customers. Delicious products that can be processed easily by the end users.
Whether for consumers, caterers, institutional chefs or industrial processors: ease and enjoyment come first.

We focus on poultry products, which are low in fat and rich in minerals and vitamins. We use a variety of methods to prepare and create the products, making them 100% safe and easy to process.

Innovation is in our DNA. Our record of achievements contains classics such as Turkey Ham, Turkey Slab, Turkey Breast Schnitzel and many others.
Recently we have begun to market these innovations as ‘concepts’. Meaning that we supply them to our clients as brands or private label products.

We do this in a dynamic way by turning our attention to quality and respect for our people, our society and the environment in which we operate. Another of our prime concerns is animal welfare.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are always ready and willing to assist you.

Our values
Healthy enjoyment & reliability
Healthy enjoyment
Healthy eating and total enjoyment, what a glorious combination! Our lean chicken and turkey meat is packed with nutrients. That means pure enjoyment in a balanced way.

Bursting with quality, authentic and safe. We always cook our poultry first, so that you can enjoy eating it with total peace of mind.

Inspirational & nice and easy

Our chicken and turkey products are so inspiring that they will unleash your creativity. With Volys you’ll simply conjure up an amazing new dish. Everyday snack or special celebration: not a single recipe escapes our creativity.

Nice and easy
User-friendly and healthy. We love to make it easy for you. Products, flavours, packaging, preparation… everything designed for the consumer or the professional, to keep things nice and easy.

Dynamic & innovative
An enthusiastic and dynamic team, we love to assume the leading role. We are constantly proactive, finding unique and innovative products. That’s why we always exceed your expectations.

Volys breaks with convention. Innovation is part of our DNA. We never stop innovating or improving. We do it for our poultry, and we do it for us. So the food on your plate keeps getting better.

Our commitments
Reliability and safety are in our DNA. Our quality team follows the strictest guidelines to guarantee quality at its best.

From the very beginning our NPD team focuses on product development and innovation We collaborate on fundamental research with external partners and university labs. This allows us to launch surprising new products every year.

Sustainability is an important idea and one in which we continue to invest. We ask our suppliers to sign a sustainability charter and we too take initiatives in this area. Discover our Durability Charter

Animal welfare
Volys is attentive to animal welfare. Our Animal Welfare Officer ensures that everything is done properly and with due respect.

Volys National & International
Beyond our home markets (Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the UK) Volys operates internationally in and outside Europe. One important sales market, for example, is the Middle East.

Halal certification is a huge advantage for Volys in these export markets. Discover Volys Halal products.

In 1966 a close partnership is formed between Volys and animal feed manufacturer Versele-Laga. The first step towards vertical integration.

Our chicken and turkey products are an inspiration. They’re lovely and versatile, nice and easy, bursting with quality and just that little bit different.

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